Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lt. Eddie Griffiths R.N 1923-1954

Eddie Griffiths was a Naval Pilot with the rank of Lieutenant, receiving his flying training in Amrica during the war,later flying Spitfires in the Middle East. He then went on to fly Fulmars and Fireflies,much of his naval experience being concerned with the development of night flying from aircraft carriers.
After leaving the service he joined Armstrong Siddeley Motors as a technical assistant in November 1949 and became a test pilot in January 1951. In April 1953 he was appointed Chief Test Pilot in succession to S/L Devine,with three other pilots under him.

He had flown over 2,000 hours on 39 types, 17 of which were since joining Armstrong Siddeley Motors. He was killed whilst test flying a Wyvern from Biteswell on May 18th 1954, he was 31years old.